High Water Bill?

Do you have an unusually high water bill?  

We remind ratepayers that winter months can cause freezing and breaking of service lines from the meter to your home.  The District is responsible for infrastructure up to and including the meter.  Property owners are responsible for all connections beyond the meter. 

We recommend you periodically inspect the ground surface where your service line is located for pooling water.  Also an unusually high water bill could mean you have a leak.  If you suspect you may have a leak, turn off your main shut-off valve at your home and check the meter contained within your meter box.  If the meter is turning, you likely have a leak and should call a plumber. 

Please note that any service calls regarding leaks on the property owner’s side of the meter will be billed back to the property owner.  If you discover a leak of any kind on your side of the meter, notify the office immediately as you may qualify for a water bill adjustment under the District’s “Adjustment for Water Leak” Policy.

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