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Regarding recent water odour/taste complaints;

A number of residents have commented on an ‘earthy or musty’ smell and taste to their water over the past few days. We have been investigating and have concluded as to why. The cause of this taste and smell is the byproduct of the Chlorine treating a higher level of Organics in the water. Chlorine Residual samples have been taken today and show that we are meeting residual requirement levels in all areas of Cherry Creek. Our weekly VIHA sampling shows that our water is still very safe to consume.

Cherry Creek’s water supply comes from Lacy Lake; it flows through an outlet valve that controls the amount of water that flows through Cold Creek and into our lower reservoir; this valve is set to allow for current summer usage and conservation levels. Our current flow rates show that our usage is not aligning with our level 2 water restrictions. This lowers the water level in our lower reservoir, which raises the water temperature allowing for a higher amount of Organics. We need to improve our water conservation efforts in Cherry Creek.

What can we do? Please remind family, friends, and neighbours we are currently at LEVEL 2 water restrictions; If overall consumption does not decrease, we may need to increase the water flow out of Lacey Lake into the lower reservoir and, in turn, increase our water restrictions further.


Thank you all,